Ribble Drive Community Primary School

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Year 5

Hello and welcome to the Year 5 class page! This is where you will find all the information you need to know about what we will be doing in Year 5 this year. 


In English, we will start the year by looking at the book ‘Rose Blanche’ by Ian McKeown, which is a fantastic book all about a German girl in World War II. The story follows Rose as she watches the streets of her small German town fill with soldiers, observing all the changes going on around her and ends up helping the unexpected.

We will also explore the book ‘Goodnight, Mister Tom’ by Michelle Magorian, which is again set during World War II. It features a boy who lives in London who is evacuated to the country at the outbreak of the war. In the care of Mister Tom, an elderly recluse, he experiences a new life of love and care.


Our maths work will focus on place value in six-digit numbers, including rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 or 1,000,000 before moving on to securing our addition and subtraction skills. We will also be practicing our times tables regularly through songs, games and Time Tables Rock Stars.


Our science topic of Forces will help us to identify gravity, friction, air and water resistance as well as carrying out engaging and inspiring investigations to explore how these forces work in the real world.


Our History topic is The Battle of Britain, we will spend time looking at how Britain defeated Hitler in World War II and how Britain changed during the war.


In our DT lessons, we will be creating a functional Doodler that makes scribbles on paper, built using our knowledge that we will gain in our DT lessons about electrical systems.


Coach Jasmine will be teaching Invasion Games in PE on Wednesdays and in our Friday PE lessons we will be involved in outdoor adventure activities which will develop our problem-solving skills, communication and teamwork.


Mr Martin will be in school on Friday mornings to continue developing our music skills and Miss Brooks will be teaching us about animation in our Technola sessions.


We have a lot to look forward to this half term, so please visit this page regularly to see our learning journey.


Miss Clements, Mrs Nasir and Miss Batchelor