Ribble Drive Community Primary School

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Our Vision



In line with the National Programme of Study for Languages at KS2, our curriculum enables pupils to:

  • Listen and show understanding by joining in and responding

  • Link the sound, spelling and meaning of words

  • Read aloud with accurate pronunciation

  • Read and show understanding of phrases and simple texts

  • Speak in sentences

  • Describe people, places, things in speech and writing

  • Ask and answer questions

  • Express opinions

  • Write phrases from memory

  • Adapt phrases to create new sentences

  • Use a dictionary

Through this curriculum, we foster in our pupils a fascination for words and how language works, a wider curiosity about the peoples and cultures of countries where the new language is spoken and the foundational knowledge to support confident communication.

Our curriculum is designed to enable our children to:

  • Develop linguistic and communicative competence

  • Extend their knowledge of how language works

  • Explore similarities and differences between the new language and any heritage languages our children have, and English.


The overall curriculum plans for KS2 French have the following design:

  • Time allocation

    • a 30-minute lesson

    • five mini follow ups (4 of 5 minutes, 1 of 10 minutes)

    • 60 minutes per week in total

  • The three strands

    • phonics and grammar repeat in Y3 & 4 and then again in Y5 & 6

    • vocabulary varies (so that lessons themselves are different)



The logical sequencing of new knowledge, the spaced revisiting schedule, the explicit presentation and practice of phonics, together with the rich cultural input, frequent opportunities for spoken interaction and written production and familiar narrative thread add up to a curriculum that not only stimulates pupils’ curiosity, but really enable pupils to begin to express their ideas and thoughts in the new language and to understand its speakers, both in speech and writing.